Airport Ground Handling of Airlines, Corporate and Private flight at Airport Narita Airport.
・ Full support/back-up for the ground ramp service equipments, hangar space and materials from the local carriers when it is necessary
・ Capable to perform airworthiness release AWR and line maintenance service for various type
of aircraft.
Our most technicians are posses of USA or Japanese mechanic license.
・ In connection with maintenance activity, we will provide aircraft parts handling, customs clearance
and deliver to customer’s desired locations in Japan and abroad./span>

・ Liaison with the government authority in
Japan including permission for technical stop,
overflight, landing, air ambulance, cargo flights and
charter flights to Narita airport.

・ Meet and assist customer
・ Arrangement of hotel accommodation and
transportation for crews and passengers.
・ Coordination of fuel supply and in-flight meals upon request.
・ Provision and arrangement of ramp security for aircrafts.