Service Offered

    ・Airport Ground Handling of commercial flight,
corporate and private jets at various airports in japan.
・Full support/back-up for the ground equipment from the local carriers when it is necessary.
・Capable to perform airworthness release and
line maintenance servicesfor various type of airclafts.
our engineers in maintenance department are all licenced.
・Liaison with the government and/or authority in
Japan including permission for technical stop,
overflight, landing, air ambulance, cargo flights and
charter flights to Narita airport.
・Arrangement of hotel accommdation and
transportation for crews and passengers.
・Coodination of fuel supply and in-flight meals upon request.
・Provision and arrangement of ramp security for aircrafts. 
Aircraft Handler in JapanGround handling Sanwa Skytech三和スカイテックAircraft maintenance at Narita